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Long term catamaran rental

Principle of the long term rental

"Optimise your cruise"

catamaran rental
According to the duration (from three week and up to three months) and depending on the season, a long duration catamaran rental may allow you to reduce by more than half the cost of your rental, compared to the usual rates to the week, this for all our boats without skipper: Lavezzi 40, Lipari 41 and Orana 44.

The principle of these rental is fairly simple. They are take into account the turnover generated by the vessels the previous seasons, over the same period.

During the high season, the park of catamaran is hired permanently. The boats go out week after week and they you will be difficult even to find a boat free at the last minute. A renter will thus have no interest in you make a discount for a long-term leasing since its turnover will be assured by rentals of short duration.

By contrast, in the low season, the boats are not rented all weeks and sometimes remain to wharf on a significant period. In this case, you can benefit from a substantial discount in the case of leases of catamaran long duration. The tariff, which you will be proposed will take into account the turnover generated by the boat the previous years at the same time. It will depend on the duration of your rental, the season in which you made this rental and boat type leased, but may, in some cases, represent a substantial saving on the tariff short duration in force.

Best periods

You will find presented on the graph below the best periods to achieve a rental of catamaran on a long duration to the Antilles:

long term catamaran rental

These periods of the year are quite conducive to a cruise to the Grenadines or in the south of the West Indies in general. Some require vigilance increased weather (cyclone season), but they permit , with a few rare exceptions, navigations in excellent conditions, sometimes even better than during the high season. This last, which is often a very windy, is conditioned by the simple fact that it is cold in Europe and in North America.

For a special rate long-term hire, do not hesitate to contact us for custom quote.

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