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Catamaran Kawai in the Grenadines
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The first question that usually comes up when talking about boat navigation is about performance. The latter is very much dependent on sea conditions and how we run the boat. While considering the laminated glass or carbon as fabulous material, and the grinder as a magic tool, I must admit that I'd gladly save myself from using either one if I could.
Moreover, speed with a light multihull involves a definite risk (reversal) I prefer avoiding. So I tend to spare my boat by preventing to unfurl too much sail, which could be detrimental to the proper aging of the structure or crew.
Yet, on flat water and by crosswind, I was able to bring the boat to an established and stabilized speed of 15 knots. In the open sea and in rough sea conditions, I've reached averages of 12 knots (between two GPS points) as well as surfs up to 20 knots.


However, "Kawai" is not a catamaran built for speed, let alone for racing. Its main feature and what makes it a fabulous sailing boat is its maneuverability. Departing under sails, arriving under sails, track down gusts, change tack in the blink of an eye, feel the acceleration of the boat when the wind is coming...
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Tobago Cays - Grenadines
that's all what really makes the charm of sailing. In tight passes or anchorages, it is even possible to tack under mainsail alone.


Abundant water entry coupled with a small displacement and low inertia make it a safe and secure boat, which is very valuable at surfing a rough sea.
The ability to go upwind is good too, thanks to long wood/carbon drifts and low windage.


The saloon, convertible into a large bedding space, is a central living area, always well ventilated, appreciated during navigation. Due to minimum deck fittings, the cockpit, back and front decks are very clear and provide clean and pleasant areas to move around.
catamaran charter grenadines
Tobago Cays - Grenadines

At anchorage

The same applies at anchorage where the overall sobriety of the boat provides full use of the space and so a valuable comfort of life. Combined with the legendary stability of catamarans, it makes an ideal platform in the tropics.
Inside, the large openings (deck and roof hatches, wide front doors) provide excellent ventilation regardless the wind force.

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