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rental catamaran at the anchorage in the Tobago Cays cruising catamaran view from top of the mast Salt Whistle Bay beach in Mayreau in Grenadines beach in the Grenadines and boats at the anchorage
rental catamaran at the anchorage in Tobago Cays

Professionnal photo gallery Caribbean charters

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The submitted photos on these albums have been made by professionals who, for one reason or another, are a day passes on Kawai. They are absolutely not representative of what are the catamarans cruises to the Grenadines or the West Indies, nor of what are the landscapes in Martinique, St. Lucia or Grenadines, although they have been taken there. They are just beautiful and have the artistic touch that is expected of a professional photo. I present them for the pleasure of the eyes.

Emmanuel Sans (Mawel)

Mawel is a photographer friend in Paris. He came to me to make a visit in November 2010 to help me to do the shots which have enabled us to carry out the video "Grenadines charters". Of course, he also made a whole series of photos which i present you with a very small part in this album.

Lison Libault

Lison is another friend, with who we were to Saint Lucia. Passionate of boat and photo, she worked for years on the day charter catamarans in Martinique. Professionnal photographer, she began on boats as crew, to achieve pictures during the cruises, photos it sold to customers at the end of the day . She works today as first mate and toward a career of skipper.


Clyde is a photographer specializing in the mode. He told me one day contacted, through a common contact on Facebook, because he was looking for a catamaran available to make the photos a collection of bathing suit. I have therefore placed Kawai at its disposal a afternoon to achieve the shots. It was the perfect opportunity to participate in professional views, with lighting, model, face painter and everythink. It is always very informative to see work a professional in a field in which there is amateur!!!

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