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Yacht charter options

Rental options

yacht charter grenadines
Union Island - Grenadines
Boarding the day before
(50% of the daily rate)

The boarding normally occur the first day of your charter, in the morning. It is also possible to board the day before, in the evening.

For boat maintenance reasons, this bording is generaly done after 19:00 and will not permit a departure during the night.

Transfer from airport
(On quotation)

If you want, I can send a taxi to you at your arrival at the airport..

catamaran charter grenadines
Tobago Cays - Grenadines
Provisionning base
(On quotation)

I propose you to realize a provisioning base corresponding to simple dishes adapted to navigation requirement. You are still in charge of the cooking. .

Included in the rate:
The cooking base for 11 dishes and 7 breakfast.

Not included in the rate:
Part of the fresh product to buy on site.
The prepare of the breakfast.
The restaurants ashore.
The daily cleaning of the boat.
The drinks.

If you take care of the provisioning by yourself, you can do it in the local supermarkets or online on the Appro-zagaya website.

All inclusive
(On quotation)

charter grenadines
Union Island - Grenadines
With this, the cooking is done by me for the lunch and dinner. Some meals are taken ashore, in small local restaurants.

Included in the rate :
All the products to prepare breakfast and dishes during your charter.
The preparation of lunches and dinners.
The dinners ashore.

Not included in the rate:
The preparation of the breakfast.
The daily cleaning of the boat.
The drinks (onboard and ashore).

Custom and anchorage fees
(On quotation)

Depending on the destination of your charter and the number of persons onboard, I can include the custom and anchorage fees in your quotation.

Fuel cost
(10 Euros/jour)

To give you a general idea of this expenditure item (very low on Cata Kawai because of the lightness of the boat and a propulsion almost exclusively under sail) and avoid surprises at the end of the cruise, we can include on your quotation a flat rate for fuel based on average consumption.

catamaran charter
Happy Island - Grenadines
Return cleaning fee
(80 Euros)

Even if you keep the boat clean during the cruise, this releases you from the general cleaning at the return.

(On quotation)

You can start or finish your charter on any island of the Caribbean. A delivery will be added to your quotation.

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