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The Lesser Antilles
The Lesser Antilles... sailing tropical paradise!

The West Indies offer countless destinations for sailboat charters.
Those listed hereafter, added to Martinique, St. Lucia and the Grenadines mentioned previously, are for guidance, due to their proximity and exceptional quality of site. But keep in mind that the range of choice is huge and that any other destination can be considered.

Charter to Dominica - Les Saintes

(4 to 7 days charter)

« Au bruit des grandes eaux en marche sur la terre,
Tout le sel de la terre tressaille dans les songes » Saint-John Perse

Known for its beautiful bays of clear turquoise waters and charming fishermen villages with peaceful streets, the Saintes archipelago offers magnificient anchorages and outstanding dive sites.
Yacht charter Antilles
Catamaran "Kawai" - Navigation
On the way, a stopover in Dominica is possible to visit the island, probably the wildest one remained in the Caribbean.

Charter to Grenada

(13 to 20 days charter)

« The spice island »

Not much visited despite its 'Point Salines' International Airport, offering the possibility of a "one way", Grenada has unusual assets blending the charm of local colors to the many tourist services. Many southern bays, vast and deserted beaches,
charter Martinique
Grande Anse d'Arlet - Martinique
reliefs covered by a powerful rainforest, and St. George, one of the most beautiful harbors in the Caribbean.

Charter to Los Roques

(15 to 21 days charter)

« The end of the world archipelago »

The archipelago of Los Roques , located 100 nautical miles off the coast of Venezuela, is still an untamed land. A true heaven for divers, freedivers and kite surfers, we meet a diverse and abundant flora and fauna. Local fishermen will not fail to provide you with fish and lobsters, unless you would go get them yourself.
Along the way, the Grenadines and Testigos archipelagos, the islands of Margarita, Blanquilla and Orchila are all possible stopovers and virgin territories to explore. This is a cruise at the end of the world to discover wild nature on a backdrop of tropical paradise.

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